“Before, During & After” The Art of Using industrial-hemp extract oil to Become a Better Yogi

Martell D.Golliday

September 8, 2019




noun: flexibility

the quality of bending easily without breaking.: "players gained improved flexibility in their ankles".synonyms:adaptability, adjustability, open-endedness, openness

openness to change, changeability, freedom versatility, 

wiggle room, willingness to compromise, accommodation, adaptability, 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the one real marker of an experienced yogi is flexibility. After you talk to him/her and bathe in their abundance of specialized-knowledge after they walk-in with a pre-prepared vegan meal that smells better than anything... ever! You're hit by the sheer glory of the effortlessness in which they stretch. You see the core strength they use to make painful holds seem easy, and what's most surprising is their flexibility.  

You're probably aware of the benefits that go along with being nimble (if not refer to yoga 101) when practicing yoga. How much thought have you applied towards the benefits of being mentally & emotionally nimble, though? What benefits come with having a limber perspective? God forbid you become an advocate for compromise or something. Today is the day we take pride in being malleable, by opening our view and allowing ourselves to be better, healthier yogis through the integration of industrial-hemp extract oil into our routines.

As a new content provider for DYM a brief intro may be in order, if only to provide credibility for the advice I'll be giving on industrial-hemp extract oil. There's currently a wealth of inaccurate information to be had on the topic of cannabidiol, and unfortunately, not a lot of consistent facts are available. 

My name is Martell Golliday-Andrews and I am the owner of a Dallas industrial-hemp extract oil Boutique in Bishop Arts. I'm also a industrial-hemp extract oil content provider for several national publications, and admittedly a more enthusiastic yogi than a skilled one. The effort is there the flexibility isn't, that's why I know the addition of industrial-hemp extract oil to your routine works because I've personally seen a vast improvement.

 I wouldn't' however, leave you at the risk of one lousy yogi's (me) personal experience, so as a case study I had several close friends and Yoga instructors in DFW try out different industrial-hemp extract oil products throughout July to help validate results and develop some best practices for using industrial-hemp extract oil before, during and after your sessions to make you better at what you love.. 

Two things I'd like to address briefly, and we will jump right in….

First, a disclaimer for my own benefit as much as yours. While I am an industry specialist, I am not a medical doctor, and therefore any statement to follow are merely suggestions not to be mistaken as medical advice (for which you should go to your family care physician). 

Second, while most yoga enthusiasts I know have been using industrial-hemp extract oil for ages, I'm aware some of us may not be adequately educated on both the legality or safety of industrial-hemp extract oil. Much less the health benefits or "if" it works. 

So for the record industrial-hemp extract oil, when made from industrial hemp (cannabis containing under .3% THC) is 100% legal both federally and statewide. Research shows that it's 100x safer than Tylenol and 1,000x safer than opioids. It's quickly becoming the go-to natural reliever for a vast number of health and wellness issues. It's potency, inability to get you "stoned," and lack of apparent side effects all support this recent rise in use. 

With that said, not all hemp is created equal so I do recommend only using products whose origin and testing-history you can verify. Primarily, that it's organically-grown, CO2 extracted and contains no additives. Always start your journey with lower dosages whether you choose a sublingual, topical, or a smokable application, and work your way up as needed.

Okay, on to the cool stuff….    

industrial-hemp extract oil is the most talked about an exciting introduction to the health and Wellness (H&W) industry since the Health & wellness industry itself. Businesses in the cosmetics, weight-loss, chiropractic, massage, and sports science industries and scrambling to integrate industrial-hemp extract oil into their services as quickly as research can come out on the benefits. 

industrial-hemp extract oil works because your body naturally produces cannabinoids which feed your bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is located inside your nervous system and contains an extensive network of cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are supplied by the phytocannabinoids found in some organic substances like raw chocolate and hemp. 

The ECS regulates most of your important bodily functions like your metabolism, mood, sleep, and the way your body perceives pain. These benefits are in addition to it's more meaningful use as an anti-inflammatory. So you can begin to understand why cannabidiol (industrial-hemp extract oil) is being suggested for anxiety and ADHD, two ailments I personally suffer from myself. 

Before you hit the mat...

Actionable items are the name of the game, or "How can I implement this substance into my life?" There are three times where you can stand to benefit significantly from being a industrial-hemp extract oil-saturated yogi. My "bestie" Yadira, a Dallas yoga instructor, prefers to use industrial-hemp extract oil before hitting the mat. She says, " As an instructor, a lot of days I'm going into my sessions already sore from the previous day's classes!" She says, "By applying a topical like a Pain-Balm or freeze-gel  before my class, I can literally go in pain-free and really give my class my 100% effort."

I've found that a sublingual (under the tongue application), known as a "tincture" can be effective as well. Additionally, industrial-hemp extract oil has an "entourage" effect. This means that although you're taking it to treat your soreness, your mood may be more relaxed, or your appetite may be suppressed. 

Several of my friends reported that there were times when they'd be heading to class after work and be literally starving. They'd take industrial-hemp extract oil to relax and "shed the day" regardless, but they noticed that they also weren't hungry anymore. They said that that added bonus substantially added to their level of focus.

Think about it,  have you ever attended class "starving"? How was your level of focus when your stomach was growling? Case rested. 

As a precursor, I'm a man, but this information came directly from multiple women whom I love and trust very much. industrial-hemp extract oil has been widely used to treat the effects of menstrual cycles. Whoopi Goldberg even has a industrial-hemp extract oil tampon product, that's getting better reviews for cramp relief than "Mr. Goodbar."

My friends have all admitted to skipping yoga classes at one time or another, during that "time of the month." However, when using industrial-hemp extract oil for menstrual comfort they say the decision to  "attend class or not,"  isn't something they even think about. 

During Your Sessions     

The greatest obstacle I deal with in yoga is finding my center, or "the zone" as some call it. My chi, my happy place, or whatever else people without ADHD refer to the feeling of thoughtlessness as. Thoughtlessness is rarely an option for me unless I'm sleeping. 

I'm actually finding it to be obtainable nowadays, though which I'm literally loving. I use a high amount of industrial-hemp extract oil daily, which I usually take in through a mixture of tinctures and smokable "hemp-flower." I've recently started to experiment with aromatic hemp-products and different applications for added benefits in yoga. 

The most popular product by women that visit my store is always the "industrial-hemp extract oil Bath-Bombs," which they often describe as taking a bath in heaven. This is because the aromatic properties of industrial-hemp extract oil are powerful and relaxing, as are cannabinoids when inhaled through items like "vape-pens."

I've actually found my core several times in the recent past. I've been able to concentrate on the task at hand much more naturally, thanks to the industrial-hemp extract oil. While it's probably "frowned upon" to burn a candle right next to your mat. You can always gift your instructor a hemp-candle and see if she is willing to try it out during class.

 I do yoga at home, which makes it easy for me to practice this habit, as well as taking a puff of my vape pen every so often for added focus. You can achieve the same results with a tincture as well if aromatherapy or vaping isn't your thing.  

Based on the data I got back from my "homegirls," their favorite benefit of industrial-hemp extract oil during their sessions was the ability to push past their typical pain points. industrial-hemp extract oil literally changes the way your pain-receptors view pain, and pain can frequently be induced by the body a product of fear. Simply put, if I'm at the gym and my body says "I'm pretty sure if you do one more rep on this bench press, our pecs are gonna rip out of our chest Martell! So you better stop!" I know that is most likely fear to talk, stemming from my bodies natural habit of protecting itself. This can be good or bad since it can cause me not to get the hypertrophy I'm seeking, and therefore limit my "gains." 

You're able to go past that "personal best" stretching point because your body doesn't warn you as a premature preventative measure as quickly. Feel free to hold that hand-stand or take an extra second on that "Warrior 2" because you can, and you want to. 

After Your Session….  

 Upon researching industrial-hemp extract oil and it's correlations with yoga, and after you discover the added relaxation, strength and stability, and increased endurance, you get to the real "Gem," which is using industrial-hemp extract oil after your sessions. 

industrial-hemp extract oils ability to accelerate and optimize recovery stems from its porous nature, which naturally soaks up the number of toxins in the body. This is especially helpful post-workout because soreness caused by inflammation is typically the result of the build-up of lactic acid from all that activity. 

You can get aggressive in preventing next day or post-class soreness by using the combination of a tincture (which will also aid in helping you sleep) and a topical cream or gel. Among their favorites, my friends found that industrial-hemp extract oil moisturizing-cream, applied after their shower, was the most instrumental vice in making sure they woke up the next day pain-free. Which was what they did every time, "Woke up pain-free!"

I'd also suggest looking into a industrial-hemp extract oil bath-bomb that has Epsom-salt and/or essential oils for a post-mat bath. This can be very soothing and achieve the same results as topical. 

Thank you so much for reading this article, and if you enjoyed it (or hated it ), please click "like," leave a comment and share it with other yogis you care about. If you questions about  using industrial-hemp extract oil or finding it, contact the email in the bio below. Feel free to come visit my Bishop Arts industrial-hemp extract oil-Boutique as well.  Mention this article for 15% off of your first purchase.

I look forward to hearing your feedback and questions!

Martell Golliday-Andrews

Is a serial entrepreneur, published author and Omni-creative. He founded "Hashtag Hemp Company (#HEMP CO.)" earlier this year, which is located on S Madison Ave. in Bishop Arts Davis. #Hemp became the first industrial-hemp extract oil distributor to be welcomed to the Chamber of Commerce in Oak Cliff. This is due to its chic boutique atmosphere, and it's education first business model. 

He currently owns and operates several companies, including Detex Creative and Detex Health Group. He acts as Director of Content for "Bomba Magazine," which is an international digital publication, for canna-lifestyle enthusiasts who enjoy luxe journalism outlets.



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